NJEA: Sweeney betrays public employees, taxpayers

Wendell2NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer issued this statement following the press conference in which Senate President Steve Sweeney announced that he intends to break his promise to post and pass SCR-2, a resolution that would place a constitutional amendment on pension funding on the 2016 ballot:

“Senate President Steve Sweeney has betrayed every New Jersey public employee. His excuses, rationalizations and shifting positions don’t change the fundamental fact that he lied. He made a promise and now he says he is going to break his promise. Like Governor Christie, who promised that nothing would change about pensions if he was elected, Sen. Sweeney will say what he has to at any given moment to get support. And, like Gov. Christie, he is just as willing to break his promises.

“But Sen. Sweeney didn’t just break his promise to public employees. He also broke his promise to New Jersey voters and taxpayers. He promised to put an amendment on the ballot this year that would finally allow voters to take this issue out of the hands of unreliable politicians like Steve Sweeney and Chris Christie. By breaking that promise, he has raised the cost of fixing the problem. That hurts every taxpayer. Until New Jersey elects leaders with vision and integrity, the state remains in danger. That is why we will seek out and support honest leaders who are willing and able to solve difficult problems.

“Despite Steve Sweeney’s betrayal, we remain committed to a responsible, sustainable and timely solution to the pension crisis the state has created.

“Steve Sweeney isn’t the first dishonest politician to betray the people of New Jersey and he probably won’t be the last. But we will never stop advocating for our members, our students and a better future for New Jersey.”